Trace Kotik is coming to make you dance and scream and jump while we're rocking your socks off.

Jonathan Kotik AKA Trace Kotik is a singer, songwriter and producer from the countryside of Israel, together with a dynamic ensemble of extremely talented musicians, Trace Kotik is creating a variety of sounds and beats and blending his unique life experiences into an up-beat and compelling show in the genres of Indie-Rock & Alternative-Folk.

The upcoming album was recorded and practiced at Kotik's childhood home in Moshav Mishmeret, which was converted into a recording studio and a rehearsal space.


Dainininkas, dainų autorius ir prodiuseris iš Izraelio Jonathan Kotik arba Trace Kotik į Palangą atvyksta su dinamiška nepaprastai talentingų muzikantų komanda ir indie-roko bei alternatyvaus folko žanrų muzika.